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The future of server listing

Disguild is powered by a team of ten seasoned professionals, seven of whom bring extensive expertise as prominent owners of large advertising servers within the Discord community. This wealth of experience uniquely positions us at the forefront of the Discord world, allowing us to understand the intricacies of server dynamics and the diverse needs of users.

Our teams collective knowledge spans a variety of roles within the Discord landscape, from community administration to advertising strategy. This depth of understanding enables us to maintain Disguild as a reliable and high-quality resource, tailored to the specific needs and nuances of Discord server and bot owners.

Built on a foundation of transparency and community-driven values, Disguild stands as a testament to the commitment of our team to contribute meaningfully to the Discord ecosystem. We recognize the importance of providing a dedicated space for users to create detailed listings, ensuring that our platform aligns seamlessly with the evolving demands of the Discord community.

As seven of our team members are experienced advertising server owners, Disguild benefits from a unique insight into effective strategies for server promotion and engagement. This hands-on experience positions us to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our users, offering a platform that understands and caters to the diverse needs of Discord communities and bot developers.